Our philosophy: Flamenco, respect, a lot of heart and good humor. Build the house from the ground up, step by step, slowly, clearly and strongly.

At the school, we also put at your disposal a selection of high-quality flamenco artisan guitars, made of cypress, rosewood and jacaranda.

On this website you will find all the information related to the classes: What they consist of, what is our way of exercising them, who are our teachers, our schedules and prices.

Alcalá de noche


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Joaquín Herrera began his art with the guitar at the age of 9 in his hometown Alcalá de los Gazules in the province of Cádiz. At the age of 12 he was already accompanying in a natural and self-taught way with purer styles and with more flamenco technique, such as soleás and seguiriyas, leaving fellow guitarists surprised by the prompt way of expressing and bringing out what he carried inside without “having passed for hardships ”as these colleagues older than him called him (something very necessary to know how to feel and express flamenco from within).

His art was acquired from a good basket maker gypsy named Diego Montoya, who had a brother who was professionally dedicated to the guitar, but even so, he called Joaquín, at the age of 13 or 14, he went to Diego’s house, he put some wine to himself and started singing, waiting for Joaquín to come in accompanying him with his guitar at the right moment,and then the art started from there. Diego was someone influential in the world of flamenco since Camarón himself went to see and listen to him and Joaquín Herrera got the chance to accompanied Camarón and his brother “El Pijote” with his guitar.

He has also accompanied several renowned artists such as Paco Toronjo (legend of cante por fandangos), Ramón de la Isla, “El Pali”, among others.

Although according to his own students “he could be in different scenarios and making a living in them”, Joaquín prefers to pour himself out with his students so that according to him “they are the ones who are going to act and feel that sensation and I go see them”.

His teaching is based on all the experiences obtained throughout his life, from the most meaningful and spiritual point of view of flamenco, managing to transmit to the student, turning to him without leaving anything behind, something that makes his teaching pure, without technicalities and exclusive.

This is his true vocation and with what he feels “100% happy and fulfilled”, he prefers the environment of the school and its atmosphere to listen to the student, understand him, give him closeness and thus take out his feelings and regrets, in such a way that the class is like a balm and a breath of fresh air for them, as they say in the testimonies that follow, apart from teaching the compás, the sense and the harmony of flamenco, with themselves.

He also prefers to dedicate himself to teaching because all the experiences and lessons he has since childhood, from his experience, would remain without being shared, hence his free class, because explaining all this in words is impossible, you just have to feel it and live it.

Eduardo Ibáñez was one of Joaquín’s first students, disciplined and enthusiastic, he began to learn very quickly and effectively, something that did not go unnoticed by his mentor.

It should be noted that Eduardo already had a very good foundation and that he was already playing before starting his training, but he wanted to go further and signed up for the accompaniment classes to flamenco singing.

He knew it would be a plus for his learning, since these classes give him compás, agility and understanding of flamenco in general through the singer.

Joaquín didn’t think twice and as soon as there was a place for him in the school, Eduardo became his second in command at the school.


Our way of introducing both guitar and cante classes differs in the way we have to worry about giving each student the work they need the most, enhancing their virtues and working in the weakest fields.

The teachers at the school are qualified in many hours of experience in the field of teaching the art of flamenco. The classes are aimed at anyone of any age who wants to learn and have a good time.

In the school facilities we have soundproofed rooms equipped with the latest technologies in audio systems, to be able to sign up you simply have to contact us by filling in the form or sending us a message via WhatsApp on the contact page.

To take cante classes it is not necessary to have a level, you can start from scratch as in flamenco guitar, we even offer you guitars at school so that you can do the classes. In the classes you will learn a lot how to feel Flamenco from the depths, all combined with a personalized method for each person and working hard on the compas and the way of interpreting the singing and the beats.

The teaching method we have is very personalized, so with a little effort the improvements are quite big.


We present our students and their opinion of us.

For us it is a real pleasure to have them day after day and to see the progress they made.

I wish they had all come out, but then the video would last too long, we just left you with them.