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Who said that learning to sing flamenco was impossible, a utopia? Guitar yes, but … sing?

For who really think it is not possible I will show you at the end of this page that nothing is impossible.

Most of the students who have tried both face-to-face and online classes think that there is a healing effect and maximum avoidance of everyday repeated life, something that according to them is essential and necessary for them now.

So here is the face-to-face flamenco singing classes with new technologies. Would you like to try?

What do online flamenco singing classes consist of?

Advantages of attending online classes:

As I told you at the beginning of this page, I would put at the end a demonstration that learning to sing flamenco is possible.

If you are still thinking that it is impossible, that it is not for you or you would like to try but you need a last push, here is the definitive reason to take the step,open the videos, please: