flamenco guitar 

In our school located in Barcelona, ​​flamenco guitar lessons are for all levels and can be individual or in pairs.


You learn the basics of each palo. Scraping techniques, alzapua, tremolo, plucking, etc. They also teach the basics of rumba and sevillanas, etc.


Variations of the flamenco styles working the interpretation.


Classes for students with flamenco knowledge. Studies of the harmonies of the flamenco styles with interpretation and own creation. Students are prepared for concert guitar and / or accompaniment to cante.


In these classes the students of cante and guitar come together, where Joaquin Herrera gives form to the flamenco groups looking for the compas and the sense. We work with tablature and there are tools to record what has been treated at the end of the classes. Audio and / or Video recordings are made and sent to your email. If you prefer, you can also bring an instrument to record as a MiniDisc or other digital recorders.