We are especially grateful for all these opinions of our students that you are going to see here.

They talk about us, our school, our teaching methodology, how they feel at school, among other topics.

This attests that what we do matters, as well as being one of the engines that we love what we do and continue for much longer.


Flamenco Singing Students

Andrea y Pablo

“We are a couple who have been in school for 2 years and after taking the free test, we loved it. The methodology and the environment, the best”.


“I was reluctant to sing in front of people, I was ashamed, I came to do the free trial and I didn’t leave anymore. It’s as if time stopped”.


“I’ve been in school for 2 years and I started playing the guitar, I switched to cante because Joaquín doesn’t teach you from technique. I am in my world with him”.


“I think it is the best thing I have done in my life, for me it is a total therapy. Joaquín has made me feel super fulfilled and motivated”.


“I have been in school for more than 2 years and I was reluctant to sing, I am quite introverted. I have sensations that until now I have not found”.


“I have been coming for 4 years. On top of learning to sing, coming here is like therapy because all kinds of feelings come out through singing”.

Carlos G.

“Joaquín delves into you and your feelings to be able to express and externalize them. The classes are very entertaining and fun”.


“I have been a student for a few years and I started guitar too. I have taken many classes, but this is something else, not just beats or melodies”.


“I have been in school for 2 years and since I came, I have the feeling of being better than at home. It’s like coming to therapy, you disconnect from everything”.


“I have 60 km to come here but I don’t care because it’s worth it. I needed a natural person like Joaquín”.

Daniel L.

“The first day Joaquín looked me in the eye and he already knew what was happening to me, what was happening to me and what I had to do, I liked that very much”.


“I was looking for a different way to learn from the usual and here I have found the meaning, rhythm and harmony of the flamenco styles”.

Gerard y Cristina

Gerard has studied 1 year singing accompaniment classes, while Cristina has been at school for 7 years. The best for the environment and the methodology in their opinions.


“I have learned a lot how to sing, but taking classes with Joaquín is something special, because in addition to what I learned, he teaches you a lot of heart”.


“It’s a joy and you learn a lot with Joaquín because he opens your heart,pushes you and squeezes you, every time I come, I learn different things”.


“It is a super close school and you feel very comfortable. He does not try to teach you things in a technical way, quite the opposite”.


“In the very first free class, Joaquín brought out a series of feelings in me that made me hooked on the classes. You can come to sing flamenco or something else”.


“When you enter the door ,you already feel flamenco. All thanks to these great professionals who are managing to bring out all the flamenco that I have”.


“I am Russian and I want to learn to sing to get to know myself better, with Joaquín we not only sing, we talk and I feel the therapeutic power of this art”.


“I am Chinese, I´m starting flamenco dance and singing too. I contacted Joaquín by internet, I tried one free class and I loved it immediately”.

Guitar, Accompaniment And
Flamenco Singing Online Students


“I do 200 km to go to school, but it’s worth it. A class with Joaquín is an experience. The school has a very flamenco atmosphere”.


“It is a magical school, he has a way of sharing all his amazing knowledge. Classes are like a parallel life”.


“I’ve been here for 10 years, I knew how to play the guitar but with Joaquín I learned what flamenco is. He could be giving concerts and he prefers teaching”.


“In addition to what is learned, here we are like a family, we feel very good. So come and study with us”.


“I am very happy because here I have learned to internalize the rhythm little by little and to enjoy flamenco the way I like it”.


“I feel very good, they are very good teachers, I am looking forward to the day of coming here for the time that is spent. Will follow”.

Araceli (Via Zoom Classes)

“The school is in Catalonia and I in Valladolid, at first we did the classes by phone and then via Zoom. I am not changing this time for anything”.

Ángela (Via Zoom Classes)

“I found the school looking online, I did the test class and I really liked it because of the way it approached and taught.”

They are not all of our students, I wish all those who have passed through our school were there and gave their honest opinion.

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