Our philosophy: Flamenco, respect, a lot of heart and good humor. Build the house from the foundations, step by step: slow, clear and strong.

At school, we also offer you a selection of high quality flamenco guitars, cypress, rosewood and jacaranda.

In this web you will find all the information related to the classes: What they consist of, what is our way of doing, who are our teachers, our schedules and prices.

For more information come to see us Paseo Fabra i Puig 443) or call us by phone at any of these numbers: 933543000 – 629736198). r send us an e-mail:  




Our way of implementing both guitar and singing classes differs in the way we have to worry about giving each student the work they need most, enhancing their strengths and working the fields that are weakest.

The teachers of the school are qualified in many hours of experience in the field of teaching the art of Flamenco. The classes are aimed at anyone with any age who wants to learn and have fun.

In the school facilities we have soundproof rooms equipped with the latest technologies in audio systems, to sign up you simply have to contact us by filling out the form or sending us a message via email or WhAtsapp.

To perform the cante classes it is not necessary to have a high level, you can start from scratch just like in the flamenco guitar classes, we even offer you guitars at school so you can do the classes. In the classes you will learn how to feel Flamenco from the deepest, all combined with a personalized method to each person and working a lot the compas and the way to interpret the cante and the toque.

The teaching method is very personalized, so with a little effort the improvements are quite fast.